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Dominate the Information Age

In the Bronze Age the cultures that controlled the process of turning copper alloys into bronze tools ruled the world. In the Iron Age the societies that possessed the technology to make Iron into weapons dominated. We now live in the Information Age and the pattern continues. The organizations that are able to share, process, and protect their information are the ones who will dominate the information age. Garretson Technology is dedicated to helping your organization turn information into a tool / weapon to achieve your mission

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Helping your organization dominate the information age

Custom Software Development

Our years of expertise across multiple business domains reduces time-to-market and bugs while making the end product meet or exceed your project goals. Our experts will get you from concept to a successful project completion with a custom piece of software that meets your needs.

System Integration

The power of your data is unleashed when you can get it to the systems where it will be most useful. GTechAZ has a plethora of experience getting disparate systems to play nice with each other. We're like counselors for computer systems.

Web Applications

If data is the new currency then the Internet is the new banking system. Web based applications are the best way to access and share your data. GTechAZ's skilled web developers will get you the maximum interest rate on your data.

Voice First Applications

Voice first applications are programs that are controlled primarily by your voice. As Alexa and OK Google begin to take over our homes, cars and phones the Voice First Application is going to become the norm.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications give your organization unprecedented access to your customers. GTechAZ's mobile development team utilizes technology that allows us to quickly produce one application that works across iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

Data Analytics

Inside your data are the hidden keys to an improved future version of your organization. GTechAZ has years of experience finding actionable information buried inside of organizational data and presenting that info in ways that make it easy to apply it to business decisions.


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What Our Clients Say

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Right from the start, through their on boarding process, the experience has been nothing but "easy-lifting" from our end. We simply explained our goals and vision and Garretson Technologies provided the rest!

Joshua Sugata
President - Christ's Family Homeschool Ministry

David's team is the go-to developer team for my marketing agency. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time working with David, and have came to know him as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. He is honest, dependable and incredibly hard-working.

Steven Boehle
Co-founder & Mission Commander at CoBound

Garretson Technology has been instrumental in our tech startup. GTechAZ wrote the custom software we needed. Their knowledge and experience in various areas continues to add value to our business.

Jeff Verhasselt
VP CJPD Technology

David at Garretson Technology has been an invaluable asset to our start-up. He brings much more to the table than we could have imagined. We have relied not only on his creativeness and knowledge in writing and customizing software but in his multi-facet approach, he brings out-of-the-box ideas that have greatly benefited our company. GTechAZ has been there when we need them and we are blessed to have them as a major contributor to our programs.

Pat Roach
VP CJPD Technology

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