Voice First Apps

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What is a Voice First Application?

Normal applications use touch screens, keyboards and mice to allow the user to work with the computer. With a voice first application the main way you work with the computer is with your voice. If you have ever used Ok Google, Amazon Alexa, or Siri you have already experienced a voice first application.

Why do I need a Voice First Application?

Gartner predicts that by 2020 75% of US Households will own a VPA-Speaker, a smart-speaker with an assistant like Alexa built in. Gartner also states that by 2021 the smart-speaker market will top $3.52 billion. With that kind of market penetration its important that your organization or brand is already well established in this new market.

Why don't I wait to build my Voice First Application?

With the huge growth rate predicted by Gartner there will be a huge demand for quality Voice First applications. Unfortunately, there won't be enough experienced Voice First programmers to meet the demand. This means the price of having a Voice First application developed for your organization or brand will skyrocket. By choosing to build your Voice First application today you will be saving money and beat your competitors into this new high growth marketing area.

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