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System Integration

Do you enter the same data in multiple systems? Do you have trouble keeping data up to date? Are you keeping critical business data in Excel spreadsheets? GTechAZ is a custom system integrator and designer with over 12 years of experience. We will analyze your business processes, your needs, and work with you to get your tech working for your business instead of your business working around your tech.

Web Design

GTechAZ has been developing websites for 20 years! We build everything from small startup business websites to large custom websites for businesses, non-profits and government shops. GTechAZ has the skills and experience you need and a product to match your organizations price point.

Custom Software

Have an idea for an app? Need custom software to fix a problem unique to your business? GTechAZ can help with that. We have been creating custom applications for the public and private sector for 12+ years. In the past 7 years we have deployed 20+ systems including everything from simple one task applications to n-tier enterprise applications going through the full software development life-cycle.


Dominate the Information Age

In the Bronze Age the cultures that controlled the process of turning copper alloys into bronze tools ruled the world. In the Iron Age the societies that possessed the technology to make Iron into weapons dominated. We now live in the Information Age and the pattern continues. The organizations that are able to share, process, and protect their information are the ones who will dominate the information age. Garretson Technology is dedicated to helping your organization turn information into a tool / weapon to achieve your mission.



Oakcreak School District

Website redesign (sub contrator)

Government Website That Works For You

Due to large quantities of information, regulatory requirements, and politics government websites end up being very difficult to navigate. All these internal competing factors result in the public sector wanting to put everything on the first page website visitors see. Even with the best of intentions public sector sites end up looking unprofessional and outdated because they haven't properly identified the information that is most important to their website visitors. As a sub contractor Garretson Technology LLC was able to organize and redesign the Oakcreek School District's website giving it a more professional look and allowing visitors to more easily find what they are looking for.


Custom Web App & Automation

Webapp to Make Life Easier

The Sonoran Desert Security User Group (SDSUG) is a non-profit organization that caters to the needs of information security professionals in Arizona. SDSUG has been around for 13+ years and has garnered a membership of close to 1000 professionals. As the group has grown managing the day-to-day operations has become increasingly time consuming and difficult. Garretson Technology LLC has developed a web application that has streamlined many of the back office administrative tasks through automation. At the same time the website gives membership one place to go to get the latest news, events, jobs, and training opportunities available to the community.

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Website on a Timeline

Southwest Security Professional Forum (SWSPF) has recently evolved into the Worldwide Security Professional Forum (WWSPF) due to an expanding interest in the worldwide broadcast of their monthly security meetings. Moving from a Southwestern area users group to one with a worldwide following made group leadership rethink how their website was serving their members. But there was a problem. Ready to announce the change at the next monthly meeting meant they only had a week to deploy the new site. GTechAZ was able to turn the WWSPF website specs into a live website in under a week.

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Vapor Recovery System

Custom Software (Sub Contractor)

The Department of Weights and Measures is responsible for testing all the gas pumps in Arizona to make sure that consumers get the quality and quantity of gas they pay for. Prior to the Vapor Recovery System being implemented, scheduling for the testing of all gas stations in Arizona was done manually via paper and pencil on a desk calendar. Garretson Technology LLC streamlined and digitize the process by creating an online portal for customers to schedule their test dates and times. The system also allows management to block days and times based on holiday schedule and field tester availability.


Automation Software

The Automagic Label Making System is a project that was custom made for the Glendale City Court. Prior to ALMS court clerks had a multi-step and somewhat complicated process to enter a new case in the case management system and produce all the paperwork, labels, etc that are required. Now clerks enter data one time in one place and the ALMS software takes care of producing the paperwork, labels, etc without clerk intervention. This has reduced the amount of time it takes to enter cases and eliminated errors caused by having clerks enter the same info into multiple systems.


System Integration

The Glendale City Court wanted to accept payments online via the City's website. Unfortunately Court information is maintained by the State on a completely different network from the City. Both these entities, the City and the State, have their own IT departments and their own requirements. Garretson Technology was able to not only solve the technical challenges of moving data from the Court's legacy case management system to the City network but we were also able to engage both IT departments and create a system that met both departments technical, security, and political requirements. The Glendale City Court now accepts payments online via the City's website. Garretson Technology was also able to capitalize further on the capabilities of the Skywalker system by allowing patrons to look up pertinent information about their case in addition to being able to make a payment. If you need an IT advocate that can navigate the technical challenges as well as understand the political nuances of a system then Garretson Technology is the proven choice.

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